While it may seem strange to seek headache relief from a plastic surgeon, many of these doctors are trained to recognize and treat peripheral nerve problems, some of which may be the cause of migraines. One of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments involves BOTOX® injections to reduce specific muscle movements that cause wrinkles, but few people know that this substance can also help some patients alleviate migraines.

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What May Be Causing Your Headaches

You might wonder how migraines and the peripheral nervous system are related or how headaches can be treated without medication. Peripheral nerve compression syndrome or developing a neuroma in the peripheral nerves after trauma can trigger a migraine. These trigger points are often stimulated by stress, certain foods, or other factors.

Why does it feel like the pain is inside your head?

Nerve activity works like dominos, where one affected area can distribute pain or tingling to other peripheral nerves. Migraines also irritate the surrounding tissues, which helps the discomfort travel to other regions. The irritated nerves bombard the brain with sensory signals like light touch, deep pressure, hot, cold, or vibration. The brain always defaults to pain when it cannot figure out what the issue is.

Case Studies of BOTOX® Treatment for Migraines

Plastic surgeon R. McIntyre Bridges Jr., MD, regularly treats acute migraines that result from peripheral nerve syndrome flare-ups and instantly relieves his patients’ pain and the progression of their migraines. Using BOTOX®, Dr. Bridges has delivered dramatic migraine relief to his patients. Below are three cases that are particularly revealing regarding the benefits of headache treatment with BOTOX®.

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Case #1

One patient, who began experiencing migraines in her early 40s, came to Dr. Bridges with a headache that extended from over the right eye and to the back of her head. Her migraines would typically evolve into episodes of nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. After locating the point along the nerve path that elicited Tinel’s signs (which occur only where a nerve is irritated), Dr. Bridges injected the area and halted the pain. Results were long-lasting.

Case #2

In this case, the patient had no extensive history of migraines but had developed headaches after a car crash four weeks earlier. During an in-office examination, at least six Tinel’s signs were located along her chin and up to her cheekbones. After these areas were injected, the headaches ceased.

Case #3

The third example was a patient who suffered from severe headaches that would begin near her left ear and progress to the entire head. She frequently left work due to migraine-related nausea, vomiting, and extreme photosensitivity for days at a time. Once the Tinel’s sign was identified and injected, her headaches stopped and did not return.


Doctors around the world recommend BOTOX® treatment for migraines because it works. It is especially helpful for patients who experience headaches over the eye area, but only an exam at a private consultation can determine if it is right for your specific needs.

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