When most people hear the term breast surgery, they automatically assume breast implants. While breast augmentation with implants is the most well-known and commonly performed procedure among cosmetic surgeons, breast augmentation is only one variation of breast surgery.

Breast augmentation, reduction, and lift surgeries are designed to target different aspects, such as the size, shape, and position of the bust. When performed on the right candidates, these surgical options are the best way to enhance the confidence of the patient.

woman in underwear : big boobs body parts-img-blogWhich Breast Procedure Is Best for You?

Successful breast procedures start with identifying which treatments are right for the candidate. Most women would like their breasts to be aesthetically pleasing; however, since every woman has a unique breast appearance, different strategies must be used for each patient.

While some women find their natural breasts to be underdeveloped, others find that theirs have developed far more than they would ever want. And while some women have breasts that are symmetrical to the naked eye, others are not so lucky. Breast surgery, when done properly, targets a woman’s individual concerns.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enlarges breast size through the use of implants. Implants are available in saline and silicone, round or anatomical shapes, and wide or narrow profiles. The implants you choose will significantly change the aesthetic outcome of your surgery.

Usually, a woman considers breast augmentation to increase the size of a bust that they feel is not large enough or to balance the size of breasts that are not symmetrical. It is also common for a woman to consider this surgery after pregnancy or weight loss, when their breasts may have become deflated.

A breast augmentation operation is different from all other cosmetic surgeries; its satisfaction is based on proportion rather than cup size. Dr. Bridges can explain what this means during your consultation. He frequently says, “You are paying for a proportion you like, not a cup size.  Shoot for proportion, and whatever the cup size turns out to be, it turns out to be.”

All of these women are strong candidates for breast augmentation. Patients must be older than 18 for saline implants and 22 for silicone implants and should be physically healthy and emotionally prepared for a surgical procedure.

Breast Reduction

As the name implies, breast reduction reduces the overall size of the breasts. While genetics cause some women’s breasts to remain small and underdeveloped, they can cause others to experience rapid growth of breast tissue during puberty.

This growth causes both physical and emotional difficulties. From back and neck pain to teasing and mocking, many teenagers and young women with naturally large breasts grow up resenting them. This surgery is designed for women who would like their breasts to be proportionate to their frame. Breast reduction removes a portion of the glandular tissue to sculpt a smaller, more compact breast.

Breast Lift

While augmentation and reduction are performed to change the size of the breasts, breast lift surgery is performed to alter their shape and position. There will come a time when gravity will cause the breast tissues to weaken and sag, causing a breast lift to be necessary.

This surgery tightens glandular tissue that has been weakened by age or weight fluctuations while trimming away excess skin and repositioning the nipple-areolar complex. After a lift, women find that their chests appear perkier and more aesthetically pleasing.

When Should You Combine Procedures?

Some women find that only one breast enhancement surgery is needed to correct their concerns. Sometimes, however, one procedure is not enough. For example, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can cause both a loss of volume and the development of excess skin. These women would be better candidates for combining a breast augmentation with a lift.

Why Choose Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery offers relief for women who have long struggled with breast-related insecurities. It is common for women on both ends of the breast-size spectrum to experience unwanted attention or ridicule because of the appearance of their breasts. This is no longer a necessary burden to bear. Breast surgeries can create or restore a breast appearance that every woman can be proud of.


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