The Scoop on the New FDA Approve Silicone Gel Breast Implants

On KTBS Channel 3’s “News at Noon”, my monthly discussion was on Allergan’s the new FDA approved silicone gel implants.  In March, the FDA approved Allergan’s  overfilled silicone gel implants called “Inspira”.  These breast implants will be available in July.

The implants differ from previous breast augmentation model by being almost completely filled with silicone gel.  The previous models had a deficit of approximately 10 to 20% of its entire volume.  For example a 350 cc silicone gel were filled to 350 cc but the capacity of the breast implant is really 380 cc.   See the picture of the previous implant.

The new 350 cc implant is filled to 350 cc when the implant has a total capacity of around 355 cc.

Click the movie icon above to see the new Inspira silicone gel implants compared to current implants.

From the movies above, you can see the implants projection is taller, but the actual benefits are:

– Better projection of the breast
– Better upper breast fullness
– Firmer feel to the breast

These benefits tends to fulfill, in my opinion, what are women seeking a breast enlargement.   They not only want a fuller breast but also better breast projection, improved upper pole breast fullness and a firmer feeling breast.

These new breast implants can be used in the majority of women seeking a breast augmentation.

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