Vitamin D Deficiency and Obesity


Vitamin D, a pro-hormone, has been under intense investigation for its relationship to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many other chronic disease entities.

In the Journal of  Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in April 2014, researchers from investigated the relationship of physical activity and individual exertion and the levels of Vitamin D.  253 serverly obese patients underwent an exercise test which included walking a third of a mile and raising their body weight up and down on a step 50 times.

Comparing blood Vitamin D levels and the exertion related to the test it was found that those with the lowest vitamin D levels had the slowest walk times and the smallest amount of physical exertion.  The conclusion by the Authors was “People with severe obesity already are eight times more likely to have poor physical function than people with a healthy body weight.  Poor vitamin D status contributes to deterioration of physical function in this population.  Among those with severe obesity, 43 percent are at risk of vitamin D deficiency.”

This study could not conclude that Vitamin D deficiency cause obese people to be less mobile but I does point out a curious association.

The authors suggested spending more time outside since sun exposure can boost vitamin D levels.  However since sun light can injure the collagen of the skin and result in early aging of the skin, I would recommend daily supplements of Vitamin D3 (the active form of Vitamin D).

Also if your on any diet, even Ideal Protein which I recommend, vitamin supplementation is a must and must include Vitamin D.