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Breast augmentation patients may wonder how often they need to replace their implants. Some think they have to change their implants every 10 years because of information in the media. The primary source of this misinformation may stem from the fact that many breast implant manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty for silicone and saline implants. Another factor that might support this concept is the belief that everything we buy has a particular “shelf life.” While there is no specific timeframe for when you should exchange your breast implants, a revision procedure may be necessary if you desire a different look or experience postoperative complications.

Reasons to Replace Your Breast Implants

Implant Rupture

All breast implants need to be changed out if they are ruptured. A ruptured saline implant is the easiest to recognize. Typically, within 24 hours of implant failure, the affected breast will deflate. Silicone gel rupture is more difficult to notice since your body will not absorb the silicone gel, and the breast will not change in volume. An ultrasound or MRI scan is usually needed to confirm a silicone implant rupture.  

Capsular Contracture

In some cases, one or both breasts will begin to harden due to a condition called capsular contracture. After all breast augmentation procedures, a scar tissue capsule forms around the implants. However, if the capsule thickens or constricts the implants, the breasts can become distorted. This complication can develop on its own or as the result of implant failure.

Changes in Preference

Those unhappy with the appearance of their breasts following an initial breast augmentation procedure may choose to exchange their implants if they desire a different implant type or size. This is a purely cosmetic decision, but it can produce stunning and more satisfactory results.

Breast Implant Warranties

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Before you undergo breast augmentation surgery, understand that all breast implants are man-made products and, therefore, will probably not last a lifetime. It is important to have a clear understanding of the warranties associated with your breast implants. Your warranty may not be the same as someone else’s since the implant manufacturers continuously change the benefits related to the warranty, especially for saline implants. Just like all man-made products, there is a cost of maintenance, so there will probably be some cost to maintain the shape of the breast and implants over a long period.


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