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Side-by-side image of a woman with and without bags beneath her eyes.Dark circles, puffiness, or swelling under the eyes can cause anxiety and even lower your self-esteem. Many people have to contend with eye bags as they age. This is because muscles and skin around the eyes generally weaken with time, causing the skin to sag.

Also, the weakened muscles cause fat to move to the lower eyelids, resulting in the puffy look. Bags under the eyes may make you look tired, unwell, and generally older than you are. 

What Causes Bags Under the Eyes?

Lack of eyelid fat, constricted blood vessels, and thin skin are some of the causes of bags under the eyes. These reasons are impacted by lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, smoking, fluid retention, allergies, and genetics. 

Bags under the eyes can be hereditary.

When you have unsuccessfully tried all you can to reduce the appearance of the bags under your eyes naturally or with over-the-counter creams and lotions, consult your cosmetic surgeon.

How Do You Remove the Bags?

Eye bags are usually a cosmetic concern; however, there are instances where the bags obstruct vision. Eyelid surgery can be a permanent solution to these bags. Your cosmetic surgeon will first examine the area around the eyes to understand the cause. This enables him to suggest an appropriate procedure.

Depending on his findings, he can recommend a procedure carried out on the lower, upper, or both eyelids. The suggestion will be determined by the eye bone structure, muscle structure, and skin condition around the affected area. The diagnosis also involves marking areas where the incisions will be made, enabling the removal of the excess tissue. Incisions are made within the eyes’ natural contours. This makes scars undetectable. 

Your eyes may be dry, swollen, and itchy immediately after the surgery, but this goes away in a matter of days. The results of your eyelid surgery will continue to develop over the following weeks and months.

Dermal fillers may also be recommended (either in combination with eyelid surgery or as a standalone treatment). These injectables restore volume around the eye, which may minimize the appearance of the bags.

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