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Breast Augmentation

At Bridges to Beauty, our goal is to help women get the body that they want. Through the breast augmentation (often called Breast Implants) procedures that we offer, women from Louisiana, Texas and neighboring regions can book an initial consultation and be on their way towards getting the full bust size that they’ve always wanted. Our 25-year experience and advanced cosmetic surgery techniques is your primary assurance that you will get  the exact results that you want, with the best service that you so deserve.

A Glimpse at Our Breast Augmentation Procedure

A breast augmentation provides a larger, fuller and shapelier breast to women with small breasts.  Over 250,000 women decide to undergo a breast augmentation each year. Presently, 80% choose silicone gel implants over saline implants.  The satisfaction rate is extremely high and studies demonstrate a boost a in woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Why choose breast augmentation? 

The sense of being disproportionate in the chest region compared to the rest of the body is the primary motivation for women to have a breast augmentation.

Small breasts can be due to:

  • Weight loss creating small, flattened breasts
  • Post-pregnancy, many woman undergo postpartum shrinking of breast tissue
  • Underdevelopment during the teenage years
  • One breast is noticeably smaller than the other

Discouragements and inconveniences of having small breasts:

  • While shopping for swimsuits or clothes, you find the tops and bottoms of a bikini on two different racks
  • Having a more pear-shaped body versus an hourglass figure
  • You feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit or a form-fitting top
  • The daily use of padded or “push up” bra to improve  your body’s proportions
  • The use of breast padding in swimsuits
  • Dresses that fit at the hips but not in the chest region
  • You feel as if you look like a boy

More considerations before going through a breast augmentation procedure in the Alexandria or Shreveport area:

  • Young women’s breasts should be completely developed
  • You must be emotionally mature and fully understand your own motivations
  • You must want the surgery for you own personal satisfaction and not the desires of others (Very important, it is common for me to say, “You have to be doing this for yourself because these implants will outlast most relationship I know.  It’s a sad social statement, but it is true.)
  • You must have realistic expectations, understanding that the procedure can bring improvement, but not perfection.  (You will not get the same shape or outcome as anyone else on the planet!  What you bring to the table is different in many respects as anyone else, and that make the difference.) 
  • The ability to follow post-operative instructions

What should I expect from the consultation?

The consultation is the first step before considering breast augmentation. Let’s say that you are considering going through a breast augmentation procedure in Alexandria. First, your personalized one-on-one meeting with Dr. Bridges will assess your physical and emotional health.  This is followed by a discussion of your specific goals for the surgery.

You should arrive at the consultation prepared to provide complete information about: (You can download a copy of our office patient information and fill it out before you arrive. This will facilitate your visit. )

  • Previous surgical procedures
  • Mammogram history
  • Past and present medical conditions
  • Family history of medical conditions, particularly about breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • Medications you are taking, including herbal remedies or nutritional supplements
  • Medications both prescription and over the counter, including vitamins

When examining your breast, Dr. Bridges will evaluate:

  • The quality of your breast tissue, fatty or fibrous
  • The location of any existing scars
  • The degree of skin laxity and stretch marks
  • The size of your breasts and differences between the two breasts and the bra line
  • The nipple size and location and the differences between the two
  • Skin type, stretch marks can develop in fair skinned women

During the consultation, Dr. Bridges will evaluate the above and point out things unique to your body and what factors will help meet your goals and which will not. There are features that cannot be changed with a breast augmentation: the shape of the chest wall, curvature of the ribs, distance of the nipple from the mid-line and from the base of neck.  These factors will influence the final product.  He may have other suggestions for procedures to improve your results. For example, if your breasts are sagging, a breast lift procedure may be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation to optimize your nipple position or size.  Understand you will not get a result that you see in a magazine or like your friends.  Everyone is different and “what you bring to the table will be different from what someone else brings to the table.”

How is breast augmentation performed?

A small incision is made usually in one of three places depending on Dr. Bridges’s preference or based on your desires. It’s either made underneath the breast just above the bra line crease (preferred), around the lower edge of the areola, or within the armpit. Once the incision has been made, a  pocket for the implant is created usually below the muscle.

What types of breast implants are available?

  • Saline Implants
  • Silicone Gel Implants
  • Round Profile
  • Anatomic Profile
  • Combination Silicone Gel and Saline

Are there any restrictions to their use?

Today, both silicone gel-filled implants and saline implants are available for breast augmentation. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends each’s use primarily based on a patient’s age.  The FDA recommends the use of saline implants to women 18 years old and older.  The FDA recommends the use of silicone gel implant to those women 22 years of age or older.  The FDA’s explanation for the older age limit for silicone gel versus saline implants is not clear to most plastic surgeons.  The FDA recommendations that women with silicone gel implant should undergo a MRI scan three years after the implantation then every 2 years,  to detect a potential leak is very impractical.  Current information related to MRI scans do not point to any health risks related to silicone gel implant rupture.  Dr. Bridges believes the FDA is just being cautious with these recommendations.  Most plastic surgeons believe that most women will not follow the FDA recommendations because of the excessive cost of each scan.  Understand, these FDA recommendations are only recommendations and are not laws.  The relationship between the surgeon and the client and the explanation of the risks and benefits of the operation will determine the choices for the operation.

Understanding that any implant is a “man-made” product will lead you to the conclusion that they may not last forever.  Current studies on some of the newer gels breast implants indicate the rupture rates to be much lower than in the past.  With saline implants, in the event that it leaks, the body will absorb the saltwater without any harm. You don’t need any special tests to detect a leak in a saline implant.  Usually, the effected breast will get smaller and less firm over a 24 hours period.  No pain will be felt, only a size change.

Every year, thousands of women experience the benefits of breast augmentation with no major complications. However, it is extremely important to be aware of the potential risks as well as the benefits that are involved with the procedure.  This is perhaps the most important discussion in your consultation visit. Be sure to listen carefully as well as ask any questions you may have regarding the safety of the procedure.  You should do your part to minimize potential risks by carefully adhering to your surgeon’s advice and instruction before and after surgery.  Also, it is important to understand that clinical studies will indicate that re-operation rate for one reason or another for both types of implants within 10 years approaches 10% or more depending on the study.  This is not necessarily due to the implant but due to the natural change in the breast tissue over time.  Just like a new car, there is some maintenance cost over time.

Are there any differences between the Saline and Silicone gels?

The differences are really two-fold between saline and silicone gel.  The first is feel.  Everybody feels their saline implants.  A few people may feel their silicone gel implants.  The difference is the density of the saline vs the silicone gel.  Saline implants are a bag of salt water, so it can feel like a bag of water under the skin. The thinner the person the more likely one is to feel the saline implant.  When saline implants were the only implant available women would mention it, but not complain about it.  Now a few will have complaints.

Silicone gel has the consistency of a thick jello, so they have a similar density as normal breast tissue, therefore they are much harder to feel.  Anatomic gel implants are a stiffer gel so feeling them can be an issue.

The second difference is the way the implants move and the how a women’s body reacts to this motion.  Several factors change the shape of the breasts over time.  The first is the fact that, “breast live off the edge of a cliff all their lives” and are subject to gravity.  Second, every tissue in our bodies respond to low-grade pressure over time (gravity being just one) and therefore tend to stretch out.  Pregnancy is a good example of tissue giving in to pressures.  During pregnancy, a chronic low grade pressure over time makes room for the child.  The overlying muscle and skin stretches out during this process and they generally don’t “snap back” to their original shape. The  saline’s movement is a significant chronic low grade pressure therefore they tend to stretch out the shape of the breast over time more than silicone gel.  To illustrate this, I will joke and say, “If you have a saline implant over the muscle and got on a trampoline, you can probably knock yourself out”.  Water moves like a wave.  Gel moves like Jello.

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What can I do to prepare for my surgery?

Once your surgery date has been established, Dr. Bridges’s office will provide specific instructions to prepare for both before and after surgery. Probable preparations may include:

  • Avoiding certain medications that may complicate procedures
  • No smoking for a period of time before and after surgery
  • Arranging for special care post-surgery

How will I be cared for on the day of my surgery?

Whether you have a scheduled appointment for breast augmentation in Shreveport LA, Alexandria or other parts of the state, the procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis at the Shreveport Surgery Center.

Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia are used and the choice is based on patient preference.  Either way, you’ll remain very comfortable throughout the procedure. After the surgery, you’ll will have on gauze wrappings or other dressings. You’ll be taken to a recovery area where you’ll be closely monitored before going home.

How will I look and feel right after surgery?

Within a day or two after your surgery, you should be up and about. Any discomfort you may experience can be controlled with prescribed medication. Most women will describe the discomfort as if they went to the gym and over worked the muscle.  But don’t think the breast will look normal for at least a month or more.  “They will look like a couple of loaves of bread before they look like breasts.”  Remember all surgeries are a type of trauma as far as your body is concerned.  There will be swelling and possibly bruising and when the breast swell, they swell up, not down. Although everyone heals at a different rate, you can expect that your recovery will follow this general time line:

Within one week:

  • You may shower
  • Stitches will be removed, if there are any on the skin.
  • You may feel ready to return to non-strenuous work
  • You can resume sexual relations, ensuring the breasts are treated gently

After several months:

  • Most of the swelling will subside and you’ll start to see your final results
  • You may discontinue wearing the support bra
  • You may resume vigorous exercise and arm movements

What should I know about my results?

Like most women, you’ll be very pleased with the results. You can get rid of your padded bras or other bust-enlarging undergarments. Your new, natural curves will let you wear a greater variety of fashions, even dresses with low necklines and form-fitting tops. Many women feel their self-confidence lifted by their new figure, whether they’re on the beach or in the boardroom.

It’s likely that you will be happy with your results for many years. However, keep in mind, your breasts, not so much the implants, are not immune to the effects of weight fluctuations, gravity and aging so maintaining a stable weight is important.  All bets, however, are off during pregnancy as to how the breast tissue will hold up during that period.  As every woman will experience, breast go from the shape of a cone to a tube sock over time.  It will be the change in the skin and breast tissue. I advise using a moisturizer twice a day during pregnancy on the skin of the breast and abdomen in an effort to maintain some elasticity.

How long will I continue to see Dr. Bridges?

After the initial healing period, you will return to see Dr. Bridges for a follow-up visit to evaluate your progress.     Usually, the last post-operative follow-up will be around 3 month to 4 months.  It’s important to keep these appointments so that your surgeon can assess your long-term results and address any questions or concerns you may have.

A Final Word About Breast Augmentation in Alexandria, Shreveport and Other Parts of Louisiana. 

What’s good about getting a breast augmentation from a medical establishment like Bridges to Beauty is that you can rest assured that you will get professional results. By browsing through our site, you will learn everything that you can about the examination, how a breast augmentation in Shreveport is performed, the types of breast implants available, the restrictions, the results to expect, as well as the pre- and post-op care.

If having bigger breasts will add to your self-confidence and give you the body that you’ve always wanted to have, all you need to do is pay Bridges to Beauty a visit – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.