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Many women experience sagging, elongated breasts as a result of pregnancy, weight loss, nursing, and natural aging. Sagging breasts can also cause the nipples to appear larger and droop below the natural breast crease.

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that can address breast skin laxity by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. This will naturally raise the breasts and support the new breast contours.

If you are located in Shreveport, Alexandria, Longview, Tyler, Texarkana, or one of the surrounding areas, Bridges to Beauty can assist you in achieving the breast contours you desire.

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What Should I Expect During My Breast Lift Consultation?

During your consultation, Dr. Bridges will discuss your goals and concerns and assess your physical and emotional health to ensure you are a suitable candidate for a breast lift.

Dr. Bridges may also take detailed measurements of the size and shape of your breasts, skin quality, and nipple placement. Dr. Bridges will discuss what to expect during and after the procedure, including potential risks and scaring. The consultation will help establish your desired goals and aid Dr. Bridges in customizing a surgical plan for you.

What Can Breast Lift Surgery Achieve?

Firmer, Perkier Breasts

During breast lift surgery, Dr. Bridges can drastically improve your breast profile by lifting the breasts to more aesthetic angles and reshaping the breasts by removing excess tissue. The breasts will be firmer and perkier in their new position.

Enhanced Breasts
Slimmer Figure

Better Breast Contour

Most women cannot avoid the effects that pregnancy and breastfeeding have on their bodies. Breast lift surgery can address stretched and sagging breasts by lifting the breasts and reshaping breast contours.

Youthful, Feminine Proportions

When a woman's breasts begin to sag, the weight of the breast tissue will pull the nipple downward. A breast lift will reposition the breast tissues so the nipples are facing forward. This will improve breast symmetry and restore pleasing proportions.

Improved Confidence

What Does the Breast Lift Procedure Entail?

  • Step 1: Preparation

    Dr. Bridges will provide you with instructions prior to your procedure date. These instructions will guide you as you approach your surgery date and following your surgery.

  • Step 2: Incisions

    Dr. Bridges will discuss where your breast lift incisions will be during your consultation.

    The three common areas for breast lift incisions are:

    • Around the areola
    • Around the areola and vertically down to the inframammary line
    • Around the areola, vertically down the breast, and horizontally along the breast crease

    The breast lift incision that is right for you will be decided on a case by case basis. Patients with naturally small breasts and minimal sagging may require less extensive incisions.

    If you are having breast implants inserted along with your breast lift, the implants will be placed in a pocket directly under the breast tissue.

  • Step 3: Tightening and Repositioning

    The breast tissue is lifted and tightened, and sutures help support the new breast contours. The skin is pulled tight over the new breast shape, and excess skin is removed.

    If needed, the nipple and areola are repositioned to a natural, youthful location.




You can expect that your recovery after breast lift surgery will follow this general timeline.

The First Few Days:

The bandages on your breasts will be replaced by a support bra a few days after your surgery. This support bra should be worn constantly (except when showering) for about four weeks. Most of your bruising should disappear around week two. You may resume most of your normal activities, including non-strenuous work after four weeks.

The First Four Weeks:

The bandages on your breasts will be replaced by a support bra a few days after your surgery. This support bra should be worn constantly (except when showering) for about four weeks. Most of your bruising should disappear around week two. You may resume most of your normal activities, including non-strenuous work after four weeks.

After Several Weeks:

You may still have to wear a soft support bra, but you will be able to resume strenuous activities once cleared by Dr. Bridges.



You will notice your perkier, uplifted breasts after your surgery, but you should allow several months to a year before the final results are completely developed.



Any pain experienced after your procedure can be alleviated with prescription medication. After the first few days, most patients feel almost back to normal and experience mild discomfort.



The degree of scarring after breast lift surgery will depend on the technique used and a person’s genetics. Generally, any scars can be easily concealed by clothing and will fade over time.

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Bridges and his nurses are excellent. He is very thorough and takes time to explain things to his patients -- I appreciate that very much. He is also very knowledgeable about current methods and procedures. He and his nurses are also very sweet and pleasant to interact with during visits; making me feel very comfortable."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I the right candidate for breast lift surgery?

    You may be the right candidate for breast lift surgery if:

    • You are physically healthy
    • You do not smoke
    • Your breasts are flat and elongated
    • Your nipples droop below the breast crease
    • Your nipples point downward

  • How much does a breast lift cost?

    The cost of your breast lift will depend on the techniques involved, the procedures combined, and other factors. We offer financing programs such as CareCredit® to assist in the cost of your breast lift surgery.

  • How long does breast lift surgery take to perform?

    Breast lift takes approximately two to three hours depending on the extent of corrections needed and the procedures combined.

  • Can I combine my breast lift with other procedures?

    Additional procedures can be performed in conjunction with a breast lift to achieve your desired goals. It is more common to perform breast augmentation with a breast lift to improve the size, shape, projection, and upper pole fullness of the breast. Check out our blog for more information on which breast procedure is right for you.

    Other body contouring procedures commonly combined with a breast lift include:

  • What is your service area?

    Our office is located in Shreveport, Louisiana, which is part of a unique area called the Arklatex area. We generally service patients from these three states: East Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

  • What will my breast lift procedure entail?

    A breast lift is a customized procedure tailored for each individual.

    During your consultation, Dr. Bridges will customize your surgical plan after he assesses the:

    • Body lift
    • Tummy tuck
    • arm lift
    • Liposuction

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