Mommy Makeover

During pregnancy and after having children, a mother’s body undergoes significant physical changes. The breasts may have less volume and the stomach may have stretch marks, excess fat, and hanging skin, along with other concerns. Committing to a healthy diet and fitness regimen typically fails to eliminate all fat deposits and is not adequate to address the breasts or other issues. 

Mommy Makeover surgery is designed to restore your pre-baby body by combining various procedures. Dr. Bridges has performed Mommy Makeovers for over two decades and understands the sensitive, intimate nature of your post-pregnancy body. If you’re seeking a Mommy Makeover in the Louisiana area, then Bridges to Beauty may be right for you!

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Benefits of Mommy Makeover

Enhanced Breasts

At Bridges to Beauty, our primary concern is the patient’s desires. If you are dissatisfied with the current size, shape, or asymmetry of your breasts, then we can discuss options for enhancing the bust. We offer several procedures to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Enhanced Breasts
Slimmer Figure

Slimmer Figures

Stubborn, diet and exercise-resistant fat deposits can be frustrating. Mommy Makeover surgery is custom-created to provide a slimmer physique by combining fat removal techniques to achieve your desired body contour and provide more definition for feminine curves.

Improved Confidence

Being unhappy with your post-baby body is a sensitive topic, so we take extra care to discuss every patient’s concerns, preferences, and goals create a surgical plan that will address each unique concern. Many women find themselves with an improved self-image after a Mommy Makeover.

Improved Confidence

Mommy Makeover Process

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia is administered to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for the patient.

  • Breasts

    A Mommy Makeover typically includes a breast procedure (or combination of procedures). Pregnancy commonly diminishes the breast tissue, leading to a deflated appearance and a change in the size and shape of the breasts. Breast augmentation can correct this by replacing lost volume with saline or silicone gel implants. There are many styles available that include various sizes, shapes, textures, materials, and projection options.

    For patients with concerns such as breast sagging or elongated nipples, a breast lift can be performed to raise the breasts to a more youthful position on the chest and reshape and resize the nipple areolar complex.

    In some cases, a woman may gain excess breast tissue that causes discomfort after pregnancy. Breast reduction surgery is designed to reduce the size of the breasts to a proportionate size.

  • Stomach

    After the physical strain placed on the body during pregnancy, most women are left with excess abdominal fat, skin, and stretch marks. A tummy tuck can address these issues by removing excess skin and fat, including stretch marks, pulling the remaining skin taut, and tightening stretched abdominal muscles

    The incisions are made directly above the pubic region and near the navel. Abdominal muscles are tightened by pulling the muscles closer together and stitching them into place. Excess fat is removed, and excess skin is neatly trimmed away to provide a tighter, more chiseled appearance.

  • Excess Fat

    Patients may have fat deposits on their body that can be removed through SmartLipo™ or liposculpting. The most common treatment sites are the hips, flanks, stomach, arms, and thighs. Tiny incisions are made, and tumescent fluid containing anesthetic and saline is administered to help limit bruising and blood loss.

    A narrow tube or laser fiber (SmartLipo™) is inserted to break up or melt the fat, which is then suctioned out using a small vacuum. Any fibrous lumps are smoothed out using a power-assisted liposuction device and gentle manual massage.




The extent of your Mommy Makeover will determine your recovery time. Many patients go home the same day; however, your surgeon may recommend that you stay overnight in a recovery facility to ensure your safety and comfort. Typically the recovery period lasts between one and four weeks. We highly recommend having a loved one handle household responsibilities and childcare for the first week while you rest and recover. Patients should refrain from any heavy lifting or pressure on the incision locations for at least one month.



Mommy Makeovers are customized for every patient, so many components will change the final price of the procedure. Contributing factors can include:

  • The location of the procedure
  • Professional fees for the surgeon
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Operating facility costs
  • The surgeries are included in your procedure
  • Medications, surgical garments, and lab tests

Insurance companies usually do not cover the costs associated with a Mommy Makeover. The only exception is if the size of the patient’s breasts are very large and are causing shoulder, back, and neck pain. In these cases, insurance companies will often cover the costs associated with a breast reduction.



After your Mommy Makeover, medications will be prescribed to help reduce discomfort while you recover. The risks are similar to any other surgery and can include poor wound healing, bleeding, infection, and seroma (fluid collection) formation. Following your postoperative instructions will help avoid these risks.



Scarring is inevitable with a Mommy Makeover, as incisions are required to complete each surgical procedure. Incisions are created strategically to avoid as much scarring as possible, and most incisions will be concealed with clothing. Shielding the scarring from sun exposure will help prevent darkening of the scars, and your postoperative care instructions will include other scar reduction methods.

Patient Testimonials

"The entire procedure from start to finish - consultation to follow up has been amazing. The staff in both places and the doctor are great people and I would do it all over again if I had to. I loved the care I received and the all of the staff I encountered."

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Mommy Makeover FAQs

  • Am I a candidate for Mommy Makeover surgery?

    Any woman who is in good health, at a stable body weight, has finished having children, and has realistic expectations can benefit from a Mommy Makeover. Patients who smoke need to quit nicotine products prior to undergoing surgery. Weight fluctuations and additional childbearing significantly diminish the results of a Mommy Makeover.

  • Why are the procedures combined?

    Combining multiple corrective procedures into one surgery can help the patient avoid paying numerous surgical fees. The recovery time from a Mommy Makeover is also shortened because everything is conducted at once. It is possible to complete a Mommy Makeover in two stages, depending on how many procedures are recommended by the surgeon and desired by the patient.

  • When can I resume work after my Mommy Makeover?

    Your recovery experience may differ from other patients. Most patients feel ready to return to work after one week or two weeks, and others take up to four weeks to resume daily activities.

  • Are the results permanent?

    The outcome of a Mommy Makeover should be long-lasting. The fat that is removed is gone forever, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will aid in prolonging your results. The aging process will continue, so it is important to remain consistent in your diet and exercise routine.

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