DermaPen: Micro Needling for Skin Rejuvenation

Many patients are asking me about Micro Needling with the Dermapen and how it works.  On the website there is detailed information with some current studies, but let me give you the highlights.  The DermaPen is a medical device used to dramatically improve fine lines, deep wrinkles, smooth acne scarring and shrink large pores.  There is no down time associated with the procedure.  The goal behind the Dermapen is to created micro-injuries to the epidermis and the dermis (the two layer of our skin).  The Dermapen’s micro punctures induce the formation of new collagen. This results in an improvement of fine lines and deep wrinkle, smoothing of acne scars and shrinking of large pores.  Essentially there is substantial rejuvenation of the skin.

An advantage over fractional laser is that it can treats all skin types, 1 through 6.  Fractional lasers can only treat skin types of 1 to 3.

However, in a number of patients the Dermapen may not replace the need for a fractional laser treatment.  I’ll recommend in some patients a combination of the procedures to get the best results.

World wide studies have proven the effectiveness of Micro Needling Therapy.  The Dermapen was recently awarded first place as “Best Professional Skin Rejuvenation Devices”.   The Dermapen  was found to be 5 times more effective than a Dermaroller.  The Dermaroller fails to produce an adequate number of punctures and has a tearing effect instead of a precise puncture.

The over all advantages of the Dermapen are:

  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure (an anesthetic cream is used)
  • Minimal down time (begin wearing make up the next day)
  • Minimal erythema (perhaps 24 to 48 hours)
  • Minimal swelling (24 hours)
  • No thermal injury
  • Treats all skin types (laser resurfacing is limited to Type 1 through 3 skin types)
  • More effective and less trauma than the Dermaroller (the Dermaroller as it move can tear the edges of the micro-puncture causing more damage.  Studies comparing the two types of micro-needling overwhelmingly favor the DermaPen.)
  • More effective than DermaRoller (Dermaroller micro punctures are irregular and not evenly spaced. The number of micro punctures per centimeter square is 10 times less than the DermaPen.  The Dermapen makes micropuntures at 1000 time per second.)

Three to six Micro Needling treatments will be needed depending on the problem being treated.  Acne scarring will take a minimal of 6 treatments, but the results are unquestionably the best that can be had.

For more detailed information please click this link.  Dermapen

Call for your appointment at 318-219-8555. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes so spaces are limited.   It is advisable to apply the numbing cream at least 30 minutes before the procedure and that has to be called in.